Special Committee on Transportation Security and Emergency Management (SCOTSEM)

AASHTO Liaisons
Patrick Zelinski, Associate Program Manager

Gummada Murthy, Associate Program Director, Operations


The complete document is available at SCOTSEM Conference Guide.pdf

The SCOTSEM Annual Meeting provides a rare opportunity for the professionals who daily deliver security, infrastructure protection and emergency management services to learn about the latest guidance in their domains of expertise, increase their individual knowledge base and skill set, share industry best practices and network with their peers at a national level.

This Annual Meeting Planning Guide has been developed to document lessons learned from Meetings past and captures input from the SCOTSEM membership and previous Meeting participants. The Guide also includes conference management best practices derived from meeting organizers supporting AASHTO, TRB, ITE and other organizations.

The Guide outlines a framework and a set of choices concerning the upcoming 2016 Meeting in Tucson, AZ and in the future for consideration by the Meeting Planning Committee. The guide includes planning tools and templates intended to be modified and adopted by the Planning Committee.