Special Committee on Transportation Security and Emergency Management (SCOTSEM)

AASHTO Liaisons
Patrick Zelinski, Associate Program Manager

Gummada Murthy, Associate Program Director, Operations

SCOTSEM Leadership Team

  • Chair: Brian Ness, Idaho Transportation Department
  • Vice-chair: Chuck Runyon, West Virginia Department of Transportation
  • Secretary:
  • All-Hazards Infrastructure Protection Technical Working Group Chair: Eileen Phifer, Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Emergency Management Technical Working Group Chair: Herby Lissade, California Department of Transportation
  • Research Identification and Implementation Technical Working Group Chair:
  • Northeast (NASTO) Regional Working Group Chair: Lorenzo Parra, Massachusetts Department of Transportation
  • Southeastern (SASHTO) Regional Working Group Chair: Robert McWhorter, Alabama Department of Transportation
  • Mid America (MAASTO) Regional Working Group Chair: Carl Merckle, Ohio Department of Transportation
  • Western (WASHTO) Regional Working Group Chair: Dale Lathan, Washington State Department of Transportation

SCOTSEM Membership

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Committee on Transportation System Security and Resilience
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